Building a Healthy organization
Being an Honourable winner, and
Making an Honest fortune.
Prima’s corporate philosophy,centred on the food and allied industries,is based on our 3H principles to perpetuate our reputable image and success.

Healthy Organisation

Developing a sound,effective and
efficient organisational system
Promoting team spirit and reaching out to
create a ‘PRIMA Family’identity

Honourable Winner

Achieving success through fair
Striving forwards excellence

Honest Fortune

Establishing trust,fairness and mutual
benefits with all within our business circle
Contributing to the well-being of society


Improve employee’s ability and capability,have and develop good character,accomplished our duties, care among colleagues,unity and strive for success together.

The company’s management policy

Adhere to the people-oriented principle,encourage full participation;
Advanced Process Control,ensure product safety;
Strengthen service consciousness,achieve customer satisfaction;
Pursue pioneering and innovation,strive for sustainable development;

Corporate Spirit

Refinement:Quality is the key
Pragmatism:Pragmatism is the objective
Innovation:Innovation is the fundamental force
Synergies:Team synergy to create better performance

Mission of the company

Adhere to the people-oriented principle,backed by technologies and services,product development and innovation as motivation.
Strive to achieve three”worthy”with high quality products
Be worthy to the customers
Be worthy to the staff members
Be worthy to the stakeholders

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